Our National Day of Prayer for Children was streamed live from Sligo Cathedral on 14th October but you can watch the event here if you missed it on the day or would like to see it again.  Please remember to pray for all children everywhere!

National Day of Prayer from Sligo Cathedral


National Day of Prayer for Children

Since 2007 the Society of Missionary Children has celebrated the National Day of Prayer for Children on the 2nd Friday of every October.  This year we are celebrating on Friday, 14th October in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Sligo.  We are so excited about this as it is our first time having the event outside Dublin and we will be there to welcome as many as possible from around the country to come and pray for all children everywhere.  You are invited to bring some pupils to represent your school or parish at the Cathedral on the day.  The prayer service will begin at 12 noon.  Please RSVP (julieann@wmi.ie) before 30th September 2016 if you would like to come.

Of course, we will all be together in prayer on the same day even if you can’t come to Sligo.  The free resource book will help everyone to pray with us on the day!  It provides a “Helping Hands” prayer service, a “Children Helping Children” Mass and the “Mission Rosary,” all of which could be held in your local parish church, parish centre, school or individual classrooms.  However you celebrate the day, the most important part is encouraging children to pray together.

The resource book is available to download here.

Please remember to send your photographs and stories of how you celebrated the day to us here at Missionary Children by contacting julieann@wmi.ie

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