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All of us in World Missions Ireland continue to be so grateful for the support we receive from you, the public.
It is you who help to facilitate the work we do here for our global mission.
We have all experienced the amazing generosity and kindness of our supporters and are heartened and encouraged by it.
Perhaps it is the elderly person who perhaps sends €5 of his /her pension to us for ‘the missions’.
Perhaps it is the child who sends his/her pocket money to help other little children who don’t enjoy the life that Irish children often do.
Perhaps it is the person who decides to leave a gift to us in his /her will.
Perhaps it is the person who calls in here to our offices to wish us well in our work and supports us with generous words.
Perhaps it is the person who takes time to write to us and tells us how much our work means to them.
Perhaps it is a mixture of all this and all these people .
It is always fascinating to hear the reasons why people chose to support us and our work at World Missions Ireland.
Wishing you all blessings of hope, joy, peace  and light

For Thomas Kelly from Dublin it is the virtue of Charity that encourages him to support our mission.

He says “St. Paul is recorded as saying that if he had all the virtues, but not Charity, he would be nothing. I feel that of all the three virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity, the greatest is Charity. That is why I continue to support the Propagation of the Faith”.

Elaine Kelly from Dublin describes her faith as a great ‘gift’ to her and one she wants to pass on. Indeed she credits her Mother for passing on the faith to her through her support of the missions, saying she has lovely memories of her Mother collecting money to send to mission countries. Elaine says “To me it’s all about handing the faith on, stoking the fire as it were, keeping it going”.

Mags from Co. Laois also has fond childhood memories of her parents generosity towards the missions. This was her earliest association and it continued in school  “The missionaries used to come to the schools and we loved to see them coming .  However, I don’t think there is any particular reason why I support World Missions Ireland above  any other charity because I support a lot of charities  but I thought it would be nice to  pay for a  student priests’ expenses and this is what I did. I sponsored a priests’ education.  I was kept informed of his progress and Fr. Peter Konu was ordained in the Makeni Diocese in Sierra Leone. I feel I did something worth doing. I continue to donate the same sum but this time I have not specified any particular intention”.

These are just three examples of the generosity and missionary spirit from the public that is so important to all of us as a faith based mission organisation.

And so to Thomas, Elaine and Mags a warm and heartfelt thank you from all of us in World Missions Ireland for your continuing loyalty and support for our work.

ger-brennan-pictureBLESSED WITH THE GIFT OF THE GAB….AND FAITH. 2013

Popular Dublin GAA Star, Ger Brennan, is blessed with the gift of the gab…and strong Faith. Ger has thrown his weight behind Mission Month which takes place in October.

“Yes, Mission Month is a great opportunity for all of us to take stock and think of others far less fortunate than we are. I would urge people to give a bit as it goes a long way. Money sent by ‘World Missions Ireland’ stretches like elastic and means so much. The projects that benefit are so deserving. They go across the whole spectrum, from healthcare to education, the whole lot”.

Mission work was something Ger took an interest in when he was asked to go to Colombia some years ago.

“It was an unbelievable experience. I was teaching English in a very impoverished neighbourhood and we did work in one of the many orphanages too. There really was massive poverty but do you know what, so much love and happiness too. It made me feel so grateful and not, I hope, in an empty platitudinal way, but grateful that I can give myself a good kick when I need to get over myself!”

“I was amazed by the people I met there, both the locals and the missionaries who went out to work with them. The dedication and commitment was simply staggering and it gave me great hope in humanity.  People like this deserve respect as they give respect and  hope for a better future. ‘World Missions Ireland’ does that and to me that is what it’s all about”.

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