Advent Resources 2018

Advent is taken from the Latin word adventus, meaning ‘coming’ and is considered to be the beginning of our Church Year. Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, which is Sunday 2nd December and ends on Christmas Eve. The most common themes used for the four weeks of Advent are Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. Traditionally the primary colour of Advent is purple or violet, which reflects the fasting and waiting that forms part of the build-up to Christmas. It is also the connection between the birth and death of Jesus (a Lenten connection). On the third Sunday of Advent, the colour changes to pink or rose in anticipation of the end of fasting and the start of celebrating the birth of Jesus.

To help celebrate Advent, we’ve prepared a selection of free resources for you to use:

Will you give children like Sandra an incredible gift this Christmas?

Meet Sandra from Marka School for Refugees ©Missio\TLouapre

This Christmas we’re asking you and your pupils to support children in the developing world who need your help! If you received our mail out, you’ll already know Sandra. Sandra is a seven year old refugee. She used to live in Iraq, but because of war her family made the heart breaking decision to leave their community and loved ones. Sandra now lives in Jordan. When they first arrived Sandra and her family were alone and afraid. Full of uncertainty, and with nowhere to live, they were blessed to meet Fr Khalil.

Fr Khalil helped Sandra and her family by finding them somewhere safe to call home, and by getting Sandra a place in ‘Marka School for Refugees’. This school is an incredible place. The people who work there truly care about the future of the refugee girls and boys who attend. Without the school, refugee children like Sandra would not get the chance every child deserves – the chance to learn. If you want to give to support a child like Sandra call us on 01 497 2035 or DONATE ONLINE.