Missionary Children’s Annual Review

As the Pope’s official children’s charity for overseas mission, the Society of Missionary Children supports the physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing of children around the world living out the motto ‘Children Helping Children.’  Convinced that children can be a spiritual and social force for a real transformation of the world, the Society aims at creating a movement of Christian children committed to helping other children. Therefore, the Society encourages children to pray together for each other and for children living in poverty and fear. It also encourages children to share whatever they can, no matter how little, to help with the material needs of their brothers and sisters, regardless of their background or beliefs, exemplifying the all-embracing nature of the Catholic Church.

This Society has recently published its Annual Review for 2016 highlighting some of the activities undertaken by Irish children and how their material support was used by missionaries who value every cent they receive.

To download the Society’s Annual Review, please click here.