World Mission Sunday, 18th October 2020 - Save the Date!

This year, World Mission Sunday takes place over the weekend of the 18th of October. Similar to the Good Friday Collection for the Holy Land and Peter’s Pence, it is one of the three yearly Universal Church collections. On the weekend of the 18th, all World Mission Sunday Mass collections and donations, including those from the most impoverished churches in the developing world, will be offered to support the Holy Father’s Universal Solidarity Fund. This Fund is a lifeline, not only for missionaries, but also for the future of the Church, as it supports missionary activities in over 1,100 mission dioceses, mostly in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

This year’s theme ‘Together We Can Do More – Blessed are the Peacemakers’, is highlighting that our Church is a global community that must stand together if it is to do more. It also recognises our missionaries as peacemakers, who like Jesus, the Prince of Peace, emulate love and harmony as they reconcile fragile people, from fractured communities, with God and with each other.

World Missions Ireland, the Church’s official charity for overseas mission, coordinates World Mission Sunday activities throughout Ireland each year. As part of this, we prepare the Mission Month Pack, for all parishes and congregations. The Pack helps guide communities to enrich their daily liturgies and celebrations for the entire month, and not just on World Mission Sunday.

More information and resources to follow over the coming weeks – check back soon!

Why do we celebrate World Mission Sunday?

Our Church is a global community. We depend on one another, on our shared prayer and solidarity. Mission Month acts on this by calling every parish worldwide to stand together in prayer and generosity. It is very humbling to know, that on World Mission Sunday, every single parish – from the most abundant in the Western world, to smallest in developing countries – give what they can in support of missionary work. Generosity on this day ultimately helps build churches, schools, hospitals, nurseries, community and pastoral centres, support welfare programmes, and train local priests, brothers, sisters and lay catechists in countries where the Church is too young or poor to support itself.

By continuing to support World Mission Sunday, not alone are people helping to secure the future of our Church, they are allowing it to thrive where it is most needed. Take a look at the following video from 2019 to have a better understanding of this vital day.