Why do we celebrate World Mission Sunday?

Our Church is a global community. We depend on one another, on our shared prayer and solidarity. Mission Month acts on this by calling every parish worldwide to stand together in prayer and generosity.

It is very humbling to know, that on World Mission Sunday, every single parish – from the most abundant in the Western world, to smallest in developing countries – give what they can in support of missionary work. Generosity on this day ultimately helps build churches, schools, hospitals, nurseries, community and pastoral centres, support welfare programmes, and train local priests, brothers, sisters and lay catechists in countries where the Church is too young or poor to support itself.

By continuing to support World Mission Sunday, not alone are people helping to secure the future of our Church, they are allowing it to thrive where it is most needed.

This year’s World Mission Sunday theme, ‘Together We Are Mission’, is a message for everyone. As Pope Francis said in his World Mission Sunday message, ‘I am a mission, always; you are a mission, always; every baptised man and woman is a mission.’ This goes to the heart of our baptismal call. It also challenges the idea that mission work is solely done by missionaries, by asking people to consider the part their own missionary hearts can play in changing the lives of others.

During this Extraordinary Month of Mission, World Mission Sunday will take place over the weekend of Sunday 20th October. Throughout the month, there are many, many ways you can show your support – be it through action, giving or prayer. Click here to explore this year’s Mission Month Pack. The pack is bursting with resources and tools, and has been thoughtfully prepared to help you celebrate a successful Mission Month.