Praying With Children in October

Children’s Day of Mission Prayer is a mission-themed celebration for children, which happens on the second Friday in October each year. It helps children to develop an understanding that by being missionary and by living out Gospel values they will become kinder and more socially and globally responsible.

To help schools and parishes prepare, the Society of Missionary Children provides resources for the day. However, due to the challenges of COVID-19, this year we decided to go a step further and bring mission home. By bringing Children’s Day of Mission Prayer and Mission Month home, children can celebrate wherever they are – in their homes, schools, parishes or communities. It also lets overseas girls and boys, who are suffering even more because of the virus, know that children in Ireland are really thinking about them and want to help.

To help children pray a little you’ll find five child-friendly prayer services that can be celebrated in the home, school or parish group each Friday in October. To open children’s eyes and hearts to the millions of girls and boys around the world who need their prayers, each prayer service focuses on a different continent and issue that affects children.

Please do join with us today, Friday, 9th October as we pray for the children of the Americas and, of course, all children around the world

Prayer Service from Friday, 2nd October: we pray for the children of Africa.