Request a Prayer

On most days in our office in Rathmines we offer the Eucharist at 12:30 pm. We invite you, and all friends of World Missions Ireland, to join with us in prayer at that time each day.

We pray for the missions, all the lives they directly impact, our work, our loved ones and also the people who contact us to directly request a prayer.

If you have a specific request that you wish us to pray for, you can fill out the form, or email our National Director, Fr. Martin A. Kelly C.S.Sp. directly at:

If you don’t wish to go into detail about your request, you can ask Fr. Martin to pray for a ‘special intention’.

We guarantee that your prayer request will remain strictly between you and Martin. No other member of staff has access to this form or his email, so you can be confident that your request will remain completely private.