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We at World Missions Ireland are very aware that as missionaries our principal task in assisting the spreading of the values of the Gospel is to pray that we may do our part to build up His Kingdom.  To speak of the Missions without a reference to our relationship with the Lord does not make sense.

As Pope Francis has reminded us on a number of occasions, the Church is not another Non Governmental Organisation.  What distinguishes us from aid agencies is our relationship with the Lord nurtured through prayer.

Here at our World Missions Ireland office in Rathmines we offer the Eucharist most days at 12.30 pm.  We pray for the missions, our work, our many benefactors, our families and many other people who write to us asking us to pray for them.

We would now like to invite the friends of World Missions Ireland who are in touch with us through the Internet, to join with us in prayer at that time each day.  If you wish for us to pray for a specific request please write your request in the box provided or perhaps you may wish to just ask us to pray for a “Special Intention” if you do not wish to go into detail.


We at World Missions Ireland guarantee that your prayer request on this website is sent directly to the personal e-mail of Fr. Maurice, the present national director of World Missions Ireland.  In order to respect your privacy no other member of the office staff has access to this e/mail address.  So please feel free to send in your personal prayer request by using the form provided.

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