Society of Missionary Children

The Society of Missionary Children is the Churches children’s charity for overseas mission. It is the oldest and largest charity in the world, with girls and boys actively participating in over 100 countries. It’s been present in Ireland since 1853 and was founded in 1843 by Charles de Forbin Janson in France.

‘Children Helping Children’ is our motto. We encourage children to pray for each other, especially for those living in fear and poverty. We also ask children to share whatever they can – no matter how little – to help girls and boys who have less. Each year children in Ireland help support thousands of projects in the developing world. These projects are run by missionaries who know the value of every cent they receive. All children are helped, regardless of their beliefs or faith.

We report on how funds are spent in our yearly Annual Reviews. If you’d like more information about the Society, or how your school can get involved email Julieann at Please feel free to explore and download any of the resources you find below.