What is World Mission Sunday ?

In basic terms, World Mission Sunday is the Holy Father’s annual direct appeal for spiritual and financial support so that the life-giving work of missionaries can continue.

It always falls over the second last weekend in October, and similar to the Good Friday Collection for the Holy Land and Peter’s Pence, it is one of three yearly Universal Church collections. Since its announcement as a papal collection, all parishes worldwide have offered Mass collections from the day to aid the work of missionaries and mission overseas.

Many are surprised to know that World Mission Sunday collections take place in every single parish where the Church is present. This includes not only Ireland and across Europe, but also in poorer parishes in the developing world. World Mission Sunday is a moment of universal solidarity, when each member of the Church family, regardless of location or background, can play their part in supporting each other. This is why it is such a special and vital celebration.

World Mission Sunday allows local people to celebrate the joy of the Gospel, in safety, for generations to come.

Why is World Mission Sunday Important?

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All offerings made for World Mission Sunday become part of the Holy Father’s Universal Solidarity Fund. The Universal Solidarity Fund is a life-line for some of the most marginalised communities and missionaries in our Church family in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In fact, it is essential not only for their future – but the Church’s future.

The needs of the Church in mission dioceses, of which there are over 1,100, continue to grow. As new dioceses form and expand, so do basic needs. On top of this, mission dioceses are often in remote areas devastated by war and natural disasters, where suppressed communities are just opening up to the life-saving message of Jesus Christ.

This is why Pope Francis Universal Solidarity Fund is so important. It offers young and impoverished dioceses the financial and spiritual assistance they need to help their men, women and children to survive, and hopefully thrive!

How is the Solidarity Fund Shared?

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Each year, representatives from our 120 international offices meet in Rome for the ‘National Assembly’. During this week-long meeting, funding requests from mission diocese are reviewed to identify those with the greatest need. Each international office is then assigned specific missionary projects to fund via their country’s World Mission Sunday collections.

World Missions Ireland has a responsibility to ensure that all contributions and donations are distributed justly and transparently. To ensure this, World Mission Sunday funding is given directly from Ireland to overseas bishops, churches, and missionary congregations.

What is Actually Supported?

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The needs of mission dioceses can vary greatly. Anything from a motorbike so a priest can celebrate Mass in a remote village, to a community hall to allow people to gather and celebrate in safety, or more urgently vaccinations and medicines to protect vulnerable children in parish dispensaries.

In essence World Mission Sunday:

  • Provides basic Church infrastructure by helping communities build schools, clinics, parish halls, churches, etc
  • Prepares the future leaders and carers of the Church by supporting the training of sisters, priests, religious brothers and catechists
  • Supports missionary programmes that protect and care for children’s wellbeing by offering safe shelter, healthcare, education, and hope for the future

Who Organises World Mission Sunday?

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In Ireland, World Missions Ireland is responsible for coordinating World Mission Sunday. We are part of a global network serving the Church in over 120 countries. Many of our international offices are known as ‘Missio’ or ‘The Pontifical Mission Societies’ and together we are the Church’s charity for overseas mission.

We seek to help the faithful to understand and respond to the call of mission. We respect all cultures and traditions by treating everyone as brothers and sisters under one loving God. Together, with the kindness of the faithful, we support overseas missionaries through all challenges, struggles and hardships, who are serving in some of the most impoverished, inaccessible areas of the world.